Friday, 10 March 2017

Madden NFL arcade ps3

A bit like all the big production companies in the world of video games, including Electronic Arts will have a press conference at Gamescom 2016, however, the software company will broadcast a live event devoted to the European festival.
 Electronic Arts will show the latest news on 2 Titanfall, Battlefield 1, FIFA 17, Madden NFL 17, NHL 17 and will provide updates on the Star Wars franchise games.

Start with a bang, for the 2016 edition of E3, the world's leading event dedicated to video games. In that of Los Angeles, the first to show up with a crackling conference is Electronic Arts. The US giant has won over audiences with a slew of exciting announcements, although the real game and level just seen very little. The show begins even before the stage, with the release of a new trailer for Fifa 17 (out in stores on September 29) that introduces the "The Journey" mode.

Graphically it looks to be in front of a real revolution, thanks to the use, first time in the series, the graph of DICE Frostbite engine, at least for the PC versions, PS4 and Xbox One (PS3 and Xbox 360 is still using the 'Ignite).

The same engine moves the new Madden NFL 17 Cheats, probably the best series of EA Sports, but we never enjoyed much success. Hopefully we go differently with the new chapter, which seems truly spectacular.

Less obvious classic slew of sports games, here then Titanfall 2: the sequel shooter dedicated to robottoni also comes to PlayStation 4, after the exclusive Xbox One of the first episode. Surprise: there is also a single player mode that even seems interesting, if we think this is a game created for the multiplayer. He comes out on October 28th.
There is still no release date for Mass Effect: Andromeda, of which we see too little, unfortunately.

The last update of the PlayStation Store opens in the best way with FIFA 17: the new football simulator from Electronic Arts (which we propose our review) showed many improvements over last episode, a strong technical sector thanks to renewed Frostbite Engine and a new story mode exclusively for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox one versions. What's more, enthusiasts can purchase the outstanding strategic XCOM 2, while those who prefer RPGs will have Darkest Dungeon and demo of Dragon Quest: Builders. Finally, do not miss the promotions of the week, which they see as the protagonist of The Last of Us Remastered PlayStation 4.

PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita
Published earlier this year exclusively on PC, XCOM 2 will arrive on PlayStation 4 Friday, September 30th. The strategy developed by Firaxis is set twenty years after the first chapter. following the unconditional surrender of the Earth with the alien forces which had managed to invade it. The XCOM, the last line of defense of the planet, have been decimated and scattered, and nothing prevents the aliens to govern our world.

 The player will take the dell'Avenger control, an alien ship converted into a mobile basis through which to drive their strike team around the world, creating consensus among the population and revealing the sinister plans of the aliens. The combat system takes up close what has been seen in the previous episode, and he sees the presence of five classes of soldiers characterized with different skill trees, in addition to some new features like the Momentum that create specific soldiers for their tactics .

The environment where we will be sent to fight will hold great importance, and in the individual missions will be critical to hide our men to ambush enemy patrols, as well as looting the bodies to recover weapons and artifacts. If you are interested, XCOM 2 will be released Friday, September 30 at the price of € 49.99, both in the retail version and in digital.

Darkest Dungeon is an RPG turn-based roguelike type, where the main goal will be to recruit, train and command a group of heroes in gloomy forests, forgotten labyrinths and crypts in ruins. Not only will face colossal enemies, but also stress, famine, disease and darkness that constantly threaten our mental health. In the dark mysteries and reveal the adventure will test our heroes against a range of monsters gradually more and more strong, from which we will obtain experience points to spend to enhance the characters and acquire many skills. We'll have to be very careful, however, to stress that the party will accumulate during numerous trips, as it could arrmalus of various types and prevent us from fighting at full strength (or, in some cases, even lead to complete insanity one of our fighters). Available for several months on the PC, the game is also sold on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita at € 21.99, support Cross Buy and can then be played on both platforms paying only once.

I spent a childhood of sacrifices, with a perennially among the foot ball while friends carefree traveling along the avenue of the neighborhood, riding on their bicycles and chrome railings by playing with a stick. Now I'm here, wearing the shirt of Sunderland, sitting on a bench at Anfield, waiting for my moment comes.
 Gareth, the childhood friend with whom I have walked the journey, it gives me a pat on the shoulder when the coach asks me to warm me up. The crowd sings "You'll Never Walk Alone", but the chorus is not addressed to me and I feel the weight on my shoulders every note passing. Shortly afterwards, the Liverpool fans sing a terse "Who are you?" In my direction, just as the fourth man lifts a bright sign with my shirt number. Crossing the side line, sniff the air and touch the grass with his hands, so as to sculpt the moment in memory with all five senses. "Who are you?", Even from the stands. The answer is in my head: I'm Alex Hunter, and are here to become the best player in the world.

As you understand, before we talk about the rest of FIFA 17 I was anxious to start from The Journey, the brand new Story Mode that - I say it right away - alone worth the price of the ticket and could very well be marketed as a standalone product from what it is tasty, although not very long. The trip, as now they also know the stones, it puts us in the shoes of Alex Hunter, a promising young man has to do elbowed in the dirty world of the Premier League, spurred by former footballer grandfather and a mother who has spent his life so that his son will one day realize his dream.

 The narration lingers on the relationships between the characters (with a few special guests), gradually introducing new figures that will be confronted with the personality that we want to sculpt the soul of Alex, who elicits empathy from every pore. Within a plot that it will develop linearly, our task is to take advantage of gamers dialogues multiple choice from which will depend on several factors, the ability to earn more money in your career by monitoring the company or to enter into the good graces of Mr. , leadership and comrades.

Between a cut scene and the other is, of course, to play. Mainly, the phases that alternate are two: the practices and games. In the first case it is proposed in rotation all the exercises already present in Tests Attribute, while in the second it takes the field and you throw the heart and lungs over the obstacle to drag the team to the best result. Existing a coach run by the CPU, it is not our job to decide on the form, let alone if Alex will start as owner or, rather, from the bench.

Anyway, before every match we are asked if we want to take control of our alter ego or of the whole team, so that everyone can decide for themselves whether to concentrate on only one protagonist or the entire team. Training and matches (the latter sometimes contemplate secondary objectives, how to throw a certain number of times to the door or reach a certain assessment after the match) contributing to an increased Alex parameters, which are added perk that must be unlocked by spending the skill points you earn continuing the adventure.
If it must be found a "flaw" in The Journey is the difficulty in achieving the objectives proposed in the game if you do not choose to play as first striker.

At the beginning of history there is in fact asked what our favorite role, to choose between the central striker, playmaker or external: opt for one of the last two is likely, in most cases, to keep Alex too far from the goal, leaving us little comfort to satisfy the most advanced demands of the coach if it takes over from the bench. It must be said that between workouts and anything else you still managed to bring to fruition the boy without too many worries, and the balance is then substantially guaranteed.

Beyond the sensational engagement of The Journey, the structure of FIFA 17 follows in an almost shameless that of last season, putting on the plate the usual plethora of offline and online, on which stands obviously FIFA Ultimate Team, which is the beautiful play of "figu" virtual.